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Akhlakul Karim : Local Government Should Facilitate SMEs in Handling Permits - . A few days ago, journalists from the online media visited Akhlakul Karim, the Secretary General of PERMATA Central Board (Transmigration Community Association), on the 9th floor of a tower in the Kemayoran area of Central Jakarta.

They discussed the government's policies, especially those of the Ministry of Environment, which have not fully favored SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) seeking to process palm fronds into high-acid CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and cooking oil.

The complexity of these permits arises from the lack of a strong platform for SMEs to advance their cause, negotiate with the authorities, and engage with the executive and legislative branches.

According to Akhlakul Karim, a national figure in the Transmigration community from Riau and also the vice-chairman of the regional team under Jokowi Mahruf Amin, SMEs have not received sufficient attention from the government in terms of fostering small communities. In particular, the processing of palm fronds requires collective efforts that involve media, communities, business entities, as well as representatives from the executive and legislative branches, coming together to discuss and support the development of palm frond processing SMEs.

Interestingly, palm plantations are abundant in rural areas, especially former transmigration areas that have also become economic centers in their respective regions.

Based on the discussion above, according to Akhlakul Karim, a strong framework and human resources are necessary to pioneer palm frond processing SMEs and to build an influential association as a solid foundation.