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24th Anniversary of Kuansing, DPR RI Candidate Wita Fitrianti Reaches Out to the Kuansing Community - The 2024 General Election (Pemilu) is still about six months away, but prospective legislative candidates (Caleg) have already begun their outreach to the public. This is the case with Hj. Wita Fitrianti, S.H., M.Kn., a candidate for the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly (DPR RI) from the Gerindra Party in Electoral District (Dapil) Riau II, which includes Kuansing, Kampar, Inhu, Inhil, and Pelalawan.

Today, on Saturday, October 13, 2023, the candidate with the number 3 designation conducted an outreach program in Kuansing. Wita Fitrianti attended the 24th Anniversary Celebration of Kuansing, which took place at Tepian Datuk Bandaro Lelo Budi during the Pacu Jalur event.

Born 45 years ago, Wita visited the Jalur Stands while introducing herself to the Pacu Jalur athletes and the local community. Not only that, but Wita (fondly referred to as Wita Fitrianti) also provided bonuses to the participating Jalur teams on the second day at Tepin Datuk Bandaro Lelo Budi. Among these teams were the Jalur Langkah Siluman Buayo Danau from the Sitorajo Kari village and the Jalur Tuah Alam Keswira Nondri from the Sikakak Cerenti village, each receiving Rp. 1,000,000.

"This visit is meant to listen and absorb the experiences and needs of the community regarding the government. And, of course, our development should not solely rely on the Regional Budget (APBD). That's where the representatives of the people in the DPR RI come in; we strive to find ways to use the Central Government Budget (APBN) to develop our nation. In my opinion, there is no other way except for us to engage directly with the people," Wita said during an interview with Kuantan Xpress (10/13/23).

In addition, Wita Fitrianti's presence at the Pacu Jalur event for Kuansing's 24th Anniversary received a positive response from the community. One resident, Bu Yunita, and Pak Ambriadi, from the village of Kari, expressed their gratitude for Wita's presence. They mentioned that they had only seen Wita Fitrianti on billboards alongside Riski Jp Poliang, a Gerindra Party candidate for the Kuansing Regional Legislative Council (DPRD).

"We are very grateful that Mrs. Wita can be here, witnessing our culture and caring for our community. Until now, we have only been able to see Mrs. Wita on billboards alongside Riski (Riski Jp Poliang), and now we can see Mrs. Wita in person. Hopefully, if Mrs. Wita is elected, she will not forget our culture and will continue to care for our community in Kuansing," said Bu Yunita, a mother of two (10/13/23).

Meanwhile, Pak Ambriadi remarked that it's rare to see DPR RI candidates show such seriousness and directly interact with the community. He mentioned that, until now, he has observed DPR RI candidates only conducting outreach through local candidates.

"This is the first time we have seen a DPR RI candidate show such dedication and interact directly with the community. Leaders like this are what we should strive for. Hopefully, in the 2024 General Election, Mrs. Wita Fitrianti can become our representative in the Central Government," expressed Pak Ambriadi.

A Brief Profile of Wita Fitrianti:

Hj. Wita Fitrianti, S.H., M.Kn. Born in Pekanbaru, 45 years old. Minangkabau ethnicity.

Education: Master's in Notary Law from Andalas University, Padang.

Occupation: Sharia Property Developer, Owner of PT. Tuah Global Energy, Owner of PT. Riau Gemilang, Owner of PT. DPI.

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Organizational Background:

  1. Founder and Patron of Ummu Aisyah Foundation (YUAS).
  2. Legal Manager at Lazis Nahdlatul Ulama Riau Province.
  3. Vice Chairman of the Transmigration Community Association (PERMATA) Riau Province.
  4. Head of the National Communication Forum of the Large Family of the Republic of Indonesia's Attorney General's Office.
  5. Treasurer of the Prabowo Guard Provincial Committee Riau.
  6. Patron of the Sriwijaya Sakti Eagle Pencak Silat in Riau Province.
  7. Chairman of the Prabowo Snatch Provincial Office Riau.
  8. Founder of the Skilled Young Generation Foundation.
  9. Member of the Indonesian Notary Association.