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PSG Jaya FC Manager, Bung Sutra April: We Will Present Our Best Game at Muara Langsat CUP XII - The PSG Jaya FC soccer team secured a spot in the round of 8 at the 2023 Muara Langsat Cup after defeating the Bento FC mountain toar squad with a score of 3-0.

The first goal was scored by Khalid in the 10th minute, and the second goal was also netted by Khalid in the 25th minute after receiving a high pass from Yoga into the penalty area. The score remained 2-0 when the first-half whistle was blown.

In the second half, there was a player substitution in the PSG Jaya FC squad, with Angga, a striker from Geringging Jaya, being replaced by Nanda, another player from Geringging Jaya. Just a few minutes into the game, Nanda successfully scored against Bento from Gunung Toar. The final score was 3-0 when the second-half whistle was blown, securing the victory for the PSG Jaya FC boys' soccer team. The match kicked off at 6:00 PM local time at the Muara Langsat Football Field in the Sentajo Raya District of Kuansing Regency on Tuesday, October 17th.

The manager of the PSG Jaya FC boys' soccer team, Bung Sutra April, expressed his pride in the hard work of the players and coaching staff, leading to their victory on Tuesday evening, allowing them to advance to the quarterfinals in the quest for the Muara Langsat Cup in the 2023 Muara Langsat Cup event.

"We dominated the game fairly well, although we were under heavy attack in the second half. This result is the best for PSG Jaya FC. We hope for the support of the community, especially our squad's sponsor, Mrs. Hj. Wita Fitrianti, S.H., M.Kn., who is also the sponsor of Bento FC, which hails from Gunung Toar, and several soccer clubs in the Kuansing Regency. PSG Jaya FC is one step closer to making it to the top four," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Irwansyah, representing Mrs. Wita Fitrianti, who supports soccer clubs in the Kuansing Regency through PT. TGE, expressed his gratitude for being able to help the young talents of Kuansing in pursuing their passion for soccer. He hopes that professional players will emerge from Kuansing in the future.

"We are thankful for this victory, but there is a need for evaluation and extra preparation for the upcoming matches," concluded Bung Sutra, the manager of PSG Jaya from the Kari region.

He expressed his hope that the PSG Jaya FC soccer team can achieve the top position at the Muara Langsat Cup 2023 tournament.

"We hope to secure the top position, which will boost our spirits and motivation for every match," he concluded.


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